Lexington Softโ€™s latest white paper unlocks the secrets behind a Fortune 100 company’s seamless integration of Unit Testing and Code Coverage into their Continuous Integration workflow using Testwell CTC++, the industry-leading code coverage solution from Verifysoft Technology.

In a comprehensive 20-week study spanning 22 projects across a 20-week development cycle, we examined Adoption Rates, Defect Ratios relative to code coverage, Defects per Kilobyte Line of Code (KLOC), and Return on Investment (ROI) associated with Code Coverage. The key findings were presented in the white paper โ€œCode Coverage Best Practices.โ€

Key insights revealed include:

  • Strategies for leveraging data from intricate coverage levels, such as Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC), to attain effective code coverage and test efficiency.
  • Identification of best practices essential for ensuring engineering team compliance with coverage requirements.
  • Exploration of whether a high code coverage percentage translates to superior test coverage quality.
  • Methods for measuring ROI associated with Code Coverage.

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    code coverage best practices white paper

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