Lexington Soft white paper

Latest Insights from a Code Coverage Study

Monday, August 28, 2023

Dinesh Dulipsingh, managing director at Lexington Soft, recently developed a white paper about how Testwell CTC++ was leveraged to make Unit Testing & Code Coverage part of the Continuous Integration flow.

Additional details about the paper and a link to download the paper are below.

Code Coverage Best Practices

Code Coverage is a promising measure of test effectiveness. It identifies which portions of your software are tested/un-tested.

A leading Fortune 100 company made Unit Testing & Code Coverage part of their Continuous Integration Flow by leveragingΒ Testwell CTC++.

This Lexington Soft white paper draws insights from a study of 22 projects over a 20-week development cycle at the company, and discusses the following questions:

  1. How software development teams can leverage the data from complex coverage levels (MC/DC) to achieve effective code coverage and test effectiveness.
  2. What are the best practices that are referenced or enforced to enable the engineering team compliance to comply with coverage requirements?
  3. Does high code coverage percentage equate to high quality in the test coverage?
  4. How do you measure ROI with Code Coverage?

To see the results and lessons from this Lexington Soft code coverage study, fill out the form below to download the white paper.