Software quality and security are critical to every business. Does your organization have the knowledge and resources to set up and maintain an in-house software QA team with all the necessary infrastructure and processes to deliver quality software in a cost-efficient and agile manner? If not, you should consider Lexington Soft’s Managed Testing and QA Services.

Lexington Soft’s QA professionals have broad knowledge and experience not only with automated testing, but also business knowledge and domain expertise.  We provide all the necessary tools, processes, infrastructure, and environment required to carry out testing tasks efficiently and consistently through all phases of a project, in accordance with industry-standard and domain-specific best practices and guidelines.

The experience we have accumulated over the years in our engagements allow us to develop in-house frameworks and test case libraries that can be used in new projects quickly and effectively. Our fast turnaround time will enable you to reduce time-to-market or meet new release deadlines.

We continually upgrade and update our testing tools and methodologies to ensure the best coverage and outcomes.

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Leveraging a third party testing service such as ours will allow you to keep your IT organization lean. You don’t need to maintain a large in-house testing function. Your testing team can scale up or down depending on evolving requirements. Organizations have been able to cut QA costs by 30 percent or more by using managed testing services such as Lexington Soft.

Here’s a look at the services we provide:

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Functional Testing Service

Lexington Soft employs state-of-the-art automated testing tools and in-house methodologies to conduct functional, GUI, database and regression testing.

As an independent software testing service, we will provide a reasonable and unprejudiced perspective of different processes and systems that are associated with the products or applications being tested. You can be assured that the results are not biased by the development team.

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Automation Testing Service

Our highly trained software testing team uses industry leading automated testing tools such as Zephyr. With our extensive past project experience, we have developed test automation frameworks in all major programming languages like Java, Groovy, Ruby, C-Sharp, JavaScript and Python.

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Mobile App Testing Service

We perform all types of native, web and hybrid mobile apps testing on a broad range of iOS and Android devices, including smart phones, tablets, PDAs, e-readers, and notebooks. We can perform testing on simulators, emulators and real mobile devices as well.

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Performance Testing Service

Our knowledgeable and experienced test engineers, proficient in load testing tools, can develop performance tests and perform analysis on all types of web applications, mobile applications, web services, APIs and internet-based desktop applications.

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Security Testing Service

Our team of certified cyber security experts adheres to the leading web security industry standard “OWASP Testing guide”, NIST, PTES and WASC and follows industry best practices to validate your company’s IT systems and infrastructure, including DevSecOps to incorporate security in a DevOps cycle.

Deliver quality software more quickly with less hassle. Contact Lexington Soft about our Managed Test Services today!