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CoderGears offers a complete suite of static analysis and code quality tools. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for developers. For more information, visit

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DefenseCode provides comprehensive, accurate, fast and easy to use SAST and DAST solutions that seamlessly integrate into the software development lifecycle. For more information, visit

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Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud is the leader in DevOps Release Automation and Continuous Delivery. Electric Cloud helps organizations like E*TRADE, Gap, HPE, Intel and Lockheed Martin deliver better software faster by orchestrating, automating, and accelerating application releases. For more information, visit

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GrammaTech is a leading developer of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions. GrammaTech helps organizations develop and release high-quality software, free of harmful defects that cause system failures, enable data breaches, and increase corporate liabilities in today’s connected world. For more information,visit

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Kiuwan is a brand of Optimyth Software launched in June 2013. Based on state – of – the – art technology, it is the first real SaaS solution to get reliable enterprise software analytics from your applications to allow you to make the best decisions for continuous improvement. For more information visit

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Lattix is a leading innovator of software architecture and complexity management solutions that deliver higher quality, accelerate development timeframes, reduce costs, and lower risk throughout the application lifecycle. Lattix solutions have been applied to a wide variety of complex systems that include software, hardware, activities/processes, and organizations. For more information, visit

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NDepend is the premier static code analysis tool that empowers .NET architects and developers to make informed decisions when working with complex or legacy codebases. For more information, visit

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SmartBear Software

Supporting more than six million software professionals and over 22,000 companies in 194 countries, SmartBear is the leader in software quality tools for teams. The company’s products help deliver the highest quality and best performing software possible while helping teams ship code at nearly impossible velocities. With products for API testing, UI testing, code review and performance monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, SmartBear equips every development, testing and operations team member with the tools to ensure quality at every stage of the software cycle. For more information, visit

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Verifysoft Technology

Verifysoft Technology is a privately-held company located in Offenburg, Germany. The company has been founded in 2003 by a group of investors and specialists from the software testing industry. Verifysoft provides Code Coverage and Code Complexity solutions that enable software organization to release tested, high quality software that is compliant to Safety Standards such as DO 178-C / ED-12C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, IEC 60880. Their solutions are used by over 600 customers in over 30 countries. More information about Verifysoft can be found at