To prevent hackers from attacking your information systems, stealing your data and destroying your brand, you need a comprehensive in-depth security analysis of your applications, networks and related environment. That’s where Lexington Soft’s penetration testing service comes in.

Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in your systems before they are exploited, and it can be performed in various environments, including internal and external networks, web and mobile apps (including API endpoints) as well as embedded devices. How? Our security experts will carefully examine your IT infrastructure in detail, use state-of-the-art automated testing tools to discover vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, flaws or weak points. We will also use blackbox testing techniques which tests security by carrying out the kind of attacks that real hackers would use.

The security issues discovered by automated tools are then manually reviewed and confirmed by our experts in a safe manner. We will document in detail in a report how the vulnerabilities are discovered, and suggestions on how to correct them or how they can be mitigated.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Comprehensive in-depth security analysis by independent security experts
  • Discover vulnerabilities before hackers do, and implement measures to mitigate the risks
  • Audit the effectiveness of security measures that have been implemented in your systems
  • Safeguard the integrity of your company name and brand
  • Prevent theft and loss of critical business data
  • Manage IT security risks and plan for the future

Stay one step ahead of malicious hackers! Contact us now for more information about Lexingston Soft’s penetration testing service.