One way to improve the speed and quality of API development is to drive consistency and discipline across the API development workflow. Lexington Soft offers SwaggerHub, an integrated API design and documentation platform to support your team’s API Design workflow, accelerating API delivery and quality through standards and collaboration built on OpenAPI.

Powerful API Editor

SwaggerHub provides a powerful Editor that’s fully compliant with the latest OpenAPI standards. Its features include

  • Smart error feedback and syntax auto-completion
  • Ability to create API mocks automatically while you design
  • Embedded API design rules that reinforce standards in real-time
  • Domains for cataloging and reusing common OAS syntax across APIs

Screenshot of SwaggerHub

API Collaboration & Standardization

SwaggerHub fosters API collaboration and standardization across teams in enterprises by providing a single source of truth for API definitions. It

  • Provides Organization and Team Management so you know who owns what
  • Allows you to fork, compare or merge with an existing API
  • Enables Real-time commenting and issue tracking adjacent to the editor
  • Syncs API definitions with source control repositories & gateways

With SwaggerHub, you can generate interactive documentation automatically during design, making it easy for both API consumers and internal users to learn and work with your APIs.

SwaggerHub integrates with platforms such as AWS, apigee, GitHub, Bitbucket, and Azure, so that you can easily do things like push generating your API’s design and code to source control hosts, deploying API to API Management platforms, or triggering your Jenkins build.

Want to know if SwaggerHub will meet your needs for improving API design quality? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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