APIs are at the heart of software development, connecting, and transferring data across disparate systems and applications. Testing APIs can greatly improve the efficiency of your testing strategy and it can help your team deliver software faster than they could in the past.

API bugs are a common source of security threats that make news headlines. Security issues and vulnerabilities typically fall into a few distinct categories, namely:

  • Access controls (authentication, which involves proving who you say you are, and authorization, which involves granting access based on who you identify)
  • Rate limiting
  • Input validation
  • Restricted HTTP methods
  • Third party API abuse
  • Other application logic errors

With Lexington Soft’s API security testing solution Secure Pro, you can use realistic, dynamic data in your functional API tests to avoid many of these issues. Real data during tests is crucial to covering boundary conditions, positive/negative testing, and truly simulating the way your consumers interact with your APIs in the real world.

During each deployment, you can make your API more robust and secure than ever before. Security scans can be added to your new or existing function tests with a click of a mouse. Everything from fuzzing scans to cross-site-scripts can be run against your endpoints, enable you to make sure that critical API security testing is done every time you deploy.

After every code change, your APIs will stay secure due to your ability to integrate API security with automation. You can also create custom scans or layer them over existing scans to cater to your own use case. The scans in our API security testing tool are designed to mimic hacking techniques, giving you more security than ever before.

Secure Pro makes it fast and simple to fit test automation right into your Agile development or DevOps workflow. Thanks to integrations within the pipeline, you can store tests during each build on in nearly any environment (including Docker).

Want to know if Secure Pro will meet your needs? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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