For automotive suppliers, cybersecurity testing needs to continuously keep up with changes in regulatory requirements.  Lexington Soft offers dissecto HydraVision, a leading edge Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to integrate automated security testing seamlessly into ECU lifecycles. HydraVision allows you to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring compliance with the latest directives and standards such as UNECE R155 and ISO/SAE 21434.  

Smart Security Validation and Testing Solution 

With HydraVision, automotive suppliers gain more than just compliance. Picture this: real, hands-on cybersecurity testing—automated and remote. No need to create new attack vectors; HydraVision proactively monitors and tests against emerging threats reported by developers, dissecto research, and third parties like Auto-ISAC.   

HydraVision is built on four integral layers to strengthen your security: 

  1. Interface-Level Tests: Scans low-level drivers for potential vulnerabilities. 
  2. Protocol Testing: Conducts comprehensive assessments of protocol robustness including fuzzing techniques for precise security evaluations. 
  3. Evaluation of Security Controls such as security access, security debug, SecOC and MACsec. 
  4. Dedicated security tests for known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).  
4 levels of security testing

With HydraVision, developers can detect issues quickly from comprehensive logfiles and get immediate feedback after implementing fixes, helping them conform to A-Spice guidelines. QA testers benefit from powerful debugging functions, a comprehensive overview of all DUTs and projects, an intuitive IDE and customizable Testcase Editor. For the serial support team, HydraVision provides automated threat reports from third parties like Auto-ISAC and ASRG, and tools to maintain continuous supervision and compliance with UNECE standards. 

Interfaces, protocols and CI/CD Integration 

HydraVision supports a broad range of interfaces and protocols, such as UDS, UDP, HSFZ, CAN and CAN FD, OBD, GMLAN, TCP, DoIP and many more. Seamlessly integrate HydraVision into your CI/CD pipeline to automate security testing processes and identify vulnerabilities early in the lifecycle. 

HydraVision can be used not only for automotive applications, but also industrial systems, aviation and aerospace systems, IoT, defense and maritime systems.  

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