Developers are grappling with ever-increasing complexity, toolchains that seem to grow more intricate by the day, and the pressing need to reduce time lost to context switching. They need tools that can get it right the first time to avoid dreaded rework. Lexington Soft offers Polaris Software Integrity Platform®, an integrated, cloud-based application security testing solution from Synopsys optimized for the needs of development and DevSecOps teams.

Polaris provides development teams with a no-compromise easy-to-use unified SaaS AST (application security testing) solution. Polaris is an integrated DevOps platform that makes security testing a seamless part of your existing workflows.  Polaris fAST Static is equipped with the same fast and accurate analysis engines as Synopsys Coverity® SAST, a market leader known for its broad language support and rapid incremental analysis, proven to scale in the largest software development projects worldwide. Polaris fAST SCA complements it by helping teams stay ahead of their software supply chain risks, drawing from the same comprehensive open-source knowledgebase and Black Duck® Security Advisories used in Synopsys’ leading SCA solution Black Duck.

Polaris DevOps Integrations Automate Security Testing and Policy Enforcement

Polaris offers DevOps integrations that enable teams to automate security testing with their existing workflows and tools. Schedule recurring security scans that automatically analyze code from your GitHub or GitLab repositories. Trigger scans based on events in your Jenkins CI workflows. For ad hoc tests, simply upload code directly through the Polaris user interface.

Polaris doesn’t just streamline testing; it also simplifies vulnerability triage and remediation workflows with policies that can automatically notify your teams or “break the build.” With Jira integration, assigning issues to developers for remediation becomes a breeze.

Polaris Software Integrity Platform Overview

Collaboration and Control

While development teams bear the brunt of application security testing, overall AppSec program coverage falls under the purview of security teams in many organizations. Polaris bridges this gap with built-in reports and dashboards. These tools provide insights into:

Vulnerability Trends: Identify AppSec hotspots with views showcasing vulnerability severity and types across applications, projects, and test types.

Test Status and Performance: Get a real-time view of current and previous tests across applications, projects, and teams.

Admin Changes: Admins can track configuration changes to ensure test environment integrity and assist with troubleshooting.

Polaris supports most popular languages, frameworks, and package managers, including Java, Javascript, C#, C & C++, PHP,  Python, Swift, NuGet, NPM, Git, JSON, XML, AWS Cloud Formation, and many more.

In the world of fast-paced software development, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Get the speed, simplicity, scalability, and power you’ve been looking for with Polaris. Contact Lexington Soft today – we will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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