In today’s software organization, development teams are charged with efficiently and flexibly delivering high quality software experiences to customers at maximum speed. For many developers, the demand for continuous testing and continuous delivery is a big challenge. Lexingtonsoft offers the most flexible cloud-based mobile app testing solution in the market, BitBar by SmartBear, to meet that challenge. BitBar allows you to test more, test faster, and shorten your delivery cycles.

With BitBar, you can use your existing processes, IDEs, CI/CD tools, and frameworks to run manual or automated tests on a mobile device cloud with thousands of real Android and iOS devices, unlimited users and unlimited concurrency. You can scale up or down, choose only what you need, and pay for only what you use. As a result, your organization can save up to 60% on your development budget!

For enterprises, BitBar can be deployed as a Private Device Cloud or On-Premise Device Lab with pre-selected Android and iOS devices available 24/7 with unlimited access, usage and users. Its first-class support for Docker/VMs will speed up the evaluation and adoption of new technologies by easily configuring your mobile dev & test environment.

For security, you can run the cloud service on your own VPC instance, control access to devices using VPN/SSH tunneling and control authentication through various SSO protocols.  You can configure device cleanup procedures, reset device connections, set test priorities and monitor the performance of your environment through test run queue visibility and admin dashboards.

Codeless Mobile App Testing Automation with BitBar AI Testbot

Engineered with machine learning technology, AI Testbot will transform the way you run device compatibility, performance and exploratory testing. Traditional exploratory testing requires a human tester to observe, operate and evaluate mobile apps. With AI Testbot, you don’t need to design test scenarios or write any code at all. AI Testbot intelligently explores your app UI to identify and report critical errors in user flow. It can understand your app UI structure and calculate the best way to execute tests through continuous learning and improvement. It works even when user flow changes or new features are introduced!

Want to know if BitBar will help you test and deliver quality mobile apps in less time? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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