To develop quality software using C and C++, developers need testing tools to analyze the code efficiently. Lexington Soft provides the fastest tool on the market, CppDepend from CoderGears, which has a wide range of features and is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

CppDepend lets query the code base over LINQ queries thanks to CQLinq. 120 default queries and rules are provided when you create a new CppDepend project. They are easy to read and easy to adapt to your need.

Technical-debt is estimated from C# LINQ formulas embedded inside each rule source code and can be re-estimated after each compilation in Visual Studio in just a few seconds, even for hundreds of rules passed on a very large code base, without any noticeable IDE slow down.

Each time it analyzes a code base, CppDepend yields a report that can inform you about the status of your development. You can customize the report and build your own set of CQLinq constraints that will be checked at each analysis.

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CppDepend provides code quality metrics on applications, projects, namespaces, types, methods, fields and Halstead metrics. Examples are lines of code, complexity, number of parameters, depth of inheritance, etc. Trend charts can be created to monitor how metrics change over time.

As a static analyzer, CppDepend will likely find hundreds or even thousands of issues affecting a real-world code base. To help developers focus on the most important issues, CppDepend provides a baseline in Visual Studio and estimates technical debt progress since baseline. You can filter by new issues since baseline, group issues through code elements or rules. These features help you prioritize the issues to fix.

CppDepend has lots of other features such as code coverage, dependency management, quality gates, Clang diagnostics, build and code comparisons, etc.

Want to know if CppDepend will meet your needs for C and C++ code analysis? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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Lexington Soft also offers the following testing tools for static and binary analysis.

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