Avoid risks and make sure that all parts of complex code have been tested before your software release. Lexington Soft offers the industry’s leading code coverage testing tool, Testwell CTC++, to help you test C, C++, Java and C# code efficiently.  You perform as many tests as necessary but no more than required. Testwell CTC++ does this by providing you with a visual overview of the previously successfully tested parts of your software. This overview then allows you to create specific test cases for the areas not yet tested. It will also help you detect dead code.

Testwell CTC++ measures code coverage on host and all embedded targets (even very small ones). Through a full command line interface, it easily integrates with your existing build and test infrastructure. As testing progresses, Testwell CTC++ monitors the application execution and records the code coverage achieved automatically. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can zoom detailed information to analyze which values are executed during the test runs, marked in color you can see what conditions are still missing to test the entire code. You also get test coverage reports that provide an overview with percentage figures and in various detail views at the directory, file and function levels.

You can also use Testwell CTC++ to prove that sufficient testing has been conducted without modifying the source code. CTC++ instrumentation automatically adds counters to temporary copies of your source during the build process without making any changes to the original code. These counters track how often the various parts of the code were executed and tested.

Testwell CDC++ covers all the requirements of the safety standards for code coverage, including the strict standard in the aerospace, automotive and transport, medical technology and the nuclear industry.

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