To build quality software and reduce rework during the software development process, development teams need the support of a peer review tool to review code and documentation. By investing in peer reviews early, teams have caught anywhere from 30% to 80% more defects in development, where they are easiest to address.

Lexington Soft offers a peer code review tool, Collaborator, that supports both remote and co-located teams.

Collaborator allows your team to review source code, design documents, requirements, user stories, test plans, and documentation all in one tool. It provides custom templates, workflows and checklists that your team can use to build their own peer review frameworks. With Collaborator, your team members can see changes between versions, discuss them and mark defects, which can be categorized by type and severity. This not only helps your team build bug-free software faster, it also provides an audit trail which enables automatic reporting of metrics such as defect density, inspection rates and lines covered. Proof of review is provided with electronic signatures & detailed reports to meet regulatory compliance standards.

Collaborator integrates with more SCM, IDE and version control tools than any other code review tool. It supports SCMs such as Git, SVN, TFS, Perforce, CVS, ClearCase, and RTC, as well as popular software development tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Jira, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Perforce, Subversion, and more.

Collaborator is the only enterprise-grade code and document review tool, specifically designed to address the challenges of developing software for highly-regulated industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, healthcare, financial services, video games and embedded systems, where software defects that reach production can lead to life and death consequences. It provides the support that development teams need in order to adhere to these industries’ strict software assurance practices that require extensive process documentation.

Want to know if Collaborator will meet your peer code review needs? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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