When your Java application suffers from poor response time, long JVM pauses, application hang or even crash, it may be due to memory leaks. Android mobile applications can also suffer from memory leaks, causing slow response, hangs and crashes which in turn lead to negative user experience and satisfaction. Your team will benefit from a tool that automatically detects wasted memory and helps them troubleshoot these problems quickly. Lexington Soft offers HeapHero, the world’s first memory dump analysis tool that can find out the amount of memory wasted, which lines of source code originated the memory wastage and solutions to fix them.

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HeapHero will parse and analyze heap dumps written in any language that runs on the JVM. It will analyze Java, Scala, Jython, and JRuby heap dumps, as well as heap dumps generated from Android devices. Its award winning deep learning algorithms have the intelligence to detect memory leaks and isolate the objects that are causing them. The result is a heap analysis report with intuitive data displays of heap histogram, largest objects and memory leak suspects. This useful information can help you to fix memory leaks, OutOfMemoryError, memory regression, memory hogs and other memory related problems.

HeapHero is also a powerful tool to view and analyze HPROF files, which may contain CPU usage, heap allocation statistics, heap dump, thread stack traces and monitor states.

A Memory Analysis Tool for Enterprises

Heap dump files consume a lot of disk space. To facilitate team collaboration, HeapHero provides shareable URL links to heap dump analysis reports.

You can analyze heap dumps from all your JVMs and Android devices in a programmatic manner through HeapHero’s REST API, the first and only one available in the industry.

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