Lexington Soft offers JArchitect, a tool to help you measure, understand and improve your Java code. JArchitect is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for Java developers. Among the key features are

Querying Java Code

JArchitect provides support for Java code query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules and query code. 120 default queries and rules are already provided in JArchitect. With a CQLinq editor that supports code completion / intellisense, live compile error description and integrated tooltip documentation, it is easy to write CQLinq queries and constraints and adapt default queries to your specific needs.

If you wish to create quality gates to enforce quality criteria that must be satisfied prior to software release, you can do so easily using JArchitect. A Quality Gate is simply a C# LINQ Query that can be easily created, edited and customized.

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Java Code Quality Metrics

JArchitect provides more than 80 code metrics, including the number of lines of code, metrics related to code organization such as number of classes and packages, metrics related to code quality such as complexity, number of parameters and cohesion of classes, as well as metrics related to the structure of code such as depth of inheritance.

JArchitect also provides trend charts to help you monitor the trends of these metrics.

Java Code Architecture

JArchitect comes with facilities that allow you to explore your software architecture and manage and analyze dependencies. You can quickly tell which code will be impacted after refactoring a class, and it will let you know if a dependency violation was created accidentally. You can pinpoint exactly the part of the code that relies on a precise tier component and list methods that can be reached from a given method, etc.

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For a more complete architecture visualization solution, Lexington Soft also offers Lattix Architect and Lattix Web.

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