Application performance monitoring tools and infrastructure monitoring tools help organizations detect CPU spikes, memory degradations, and slow response times. But in order to improve your application’s performance, you need to identify the root cause and fix problems in a timely manner. Lexington Soft offers the root cause analyzer tool, yCrash, which complements monitoring tools by instantly identifying the root cause of performance problems during production. Your engineers would not need to restart the app in production, nor send dumps to vendors or developers and wait for their analysis.

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How It Works

First, yCrash agent is installed on all the hosts where your application is running. When a performance problem occurs, it captures thread dumps, heap dumps, garbage collection logs, nestat, vmstat, iostat, top, top -H, ps, disk usage and other artifacts from your application. These artifacts, which may contain sensitive information such as IP addresses, SSN, VAT, credit card numbers, and code paths, are transmitted and stored securely on the yCrash server. yCrash automatically analyzes those artifacts using Tier1app’s cutting-edge devops tools, fastThread, GCeasy and HeapHero, and then generates a world-class root cause analysis report in the dashboard instantly. Through this process, information security is protected because engineers do not have access to the raw dumps, and sensitive data in the RCA reports are masked.

World-Class RCA Reports

yCrash securely archives all data and RCA reports, enabling you to have a historical view of the production problems of your applications. Through the dashboard, all problem analysis reports can be viewed, searched, and studied in one place. You can compare metrics & graphs and search reports by hostnames, IP addresses, application names, date range, tags, and releases.

Platform Agnostic & Easy Integration With Tools

yCrash can monitor applications that run on traditional data centers or cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud or any containerized environment such as Docker and Kubernetes. It also integrates with several host monitoring tools and ticket tracking tools out-of-the-box, and offers a rich set of REST APIs which can be used to integrate with your home-grown tools and products.

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