To help your development team troubleshoot JVM related availability, scalability and performance problems, Lexington Soft offers a thread dump analyzer that can produce a root cause analysis instantly. That thread dump analysis tool is fastThread, from Tier1app.

fastThread’s machine learning algorithms and expert thread dump analysis patterns are applied to every single thread dump. These patterns not only detect but also forecast CPU spikes, hung threads, and other problems.

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Using fastThread’s REST API, you can get hundreds of thread dumps analyzed instantly with one line of code. The results are presented intuitively in dependency graphs, flame graph, call tree and table view. fastThread condenses big java thread dump files and generates one searchable, zoomable and color coded flame graph. Call Stack Tree consolidates all the threads stack trace into one single expandable/collapsible tree, making navigation much simpler and easier. In table view, fastThread allows you to track each thread’s state visually. If you upload ‘top -H’ output along with thread, the fastThread report will also show all threads stack trace, their CPU, and memory consumption.

When there are several hundreds of threads in the thread dump, you might want to search threads based on thread name, Id, thread priority, stack trace, class name, package name, method name. fastThread provides this advanced search capability.

fastThread can also analyze Android thread dumps, hs_err_pid files, and Java core dumps.

Moreover, it can analyze a broad range of formats of thread dumps from various versions of Java, JVM providers such as Oracle, IBM, HP, Azul and OpenJDK, as well as tools such as jstack, kill -3, jcmd, JMX MBeans and other APM tools.

Unlike APM tools, fastThread performs the thread dump analysis, not on your production servers, but on its own servers. Thus, it won’t have any impact on your application’s performance.

Learn more about how fastThread can help your team troubleshoot JVM crashes, slowdowns, memory leaks, freezes, and CPU spikes. Contact us today!

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