Before deploying an application, it is a good practice to evaluate how the software, as well as servers, database and other components, behave during normal and extremely high loads. End-to-end load testing enables you to identify bottlenecks and defects that negatively impact performance. Lexington Soft offers Radview’s WebLOAD, a powerful automated performance and load testing tool for this purpose.

Build Performance Tests Easily & Efficiently

WebLOAD records actions on an application and automatically translates the actions into a test script in JavaScript, with the flexibility to add a wide range of protocols as needed.

Its industry-leading correlation engine is able to correctly recognize both server-side (such as session id, order number) and client-side (time and date stamp) dynamic values and automatically replaces them to ensure test accuracy. This will save your team days of development time!

To help you create a realistic load to stress test your application, WebLOAD has an automated parameterization capability that ensures that your script represents a variety of users and activities, automatically replacing unique user input and output values. Its response validation capability will ensure that the application flow is correct, and it returns the correct values during load.

Run Realistic Load Scenarios For Any Tech Stack

test execution screen

WebLOAD gives you the ability to simulate realistic and varied load conditions for hundreds and even millions of virtual users in all internet protocols. You can define a variety of scripts, browsers, and network characteristics in a single test run. Through the scheduler, you can control the load build-up in different ways , change the load size during execution and distribute the load across an unlimited number of machines.

WebLOAD manages the distribution of scripts and parameters and collects all of the data. Client-side data is collected and averaged to generate meaningful load analytics. You can also use a Probing Client to get a full picture of the individual user experience. Server-side performance data is collected to help identify and resolve bottlenecks.

WebLOAD provides out-of-the-box dashboards to view performance data from different angles, compare multiple sessions, and drill-down to specific transactions to pinpoint problems using integrated APM tools such as Dynatrace and AppDynamics. You can also create dashboards by defining your own layout, graphs, and data to be displayed.

WebLOAD supports a broad range of web protocols & technologies, enterprise applications, network and IoT protocols, server technologies, databases, cloud integrations, multimedia, security/authentication, monitored OS and servers, mobile technologies, integrations and content management systems.

To deploy WebLOAD, you can either subscribe to WebLOAD SaaS or install, manage and maintain WebLOAD on your own hardware, host it in the cloud with your preferred cloud provider, or use a hybrid deployment.

Want to know if WebLOAD will meet your load testing needs? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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