To develop quality software applications, your development team needs to prevent software defects and manage application risk from cyber threats. Lexington Soft provides a testing tool Kiuwan, helps developers shield their applications, detecting and helping eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Kiuwan is a SAST Tool that automatically scan your code to identify and remediate vulnerabilities such as

  • Uninitialized Variables
  • Application Misconfiguration
  • Credential/Session Prediction
  • Directory Indexing
  • Insufficient Authorization/Authentication
  • Automatic Reference Counting, and much more.

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Tailored reports based on industry-standard security ratings help you understand your risks. Action plans can be automatically generated to remediate vulnerabilities and manage technical debt.

Open source components are often included in today’s commercial software. These components introduce the risk of security vulnerabilities, as well as a need to ensure proper licensing and adherence to policies. Kiuwan helps you identify open source components, detect threats, avoid obsolescence, and isolate dependencies.

Kiuwan can perform blazingly fast analyses to help you identify code defects & manage your remediation efforts. You will learn about code characteristics such as maintainability, portability, efficiency and reliability.

Compliant with the most stringent security standards such as OWASP, CWE, MISRA, NIST, PCI, and CERT among others, Kiuwan covers all major programming languages such as Java, JSP, php, C++, C#, Python, PL/SQL, ASP.Net, and SAP and integrates with leading DevOps tools such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, Bamboo, GitHub, GitLab etc. It can be integrated with your IDE so that your development team can visualize and analyze vulnerabilities directly from their IDE, learning best coding practices with contextual remediation advice.

Want to know if Kiuwan will meet your needs? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

As a Kiuwan partner, Lexington Soft is committed to providing the best after-sales support for our customers. We offer

Lexington Soft also offers the following SAST and DAST tools.

DefenseCode ThunderScan – SAST tool
DefenseCode WebScanner – DAST tool

Find and fix vulnerabilities in your code efficiently and effectively. Contact us today!