Embedded systems are at the heart of modern technology, driving everything from automotive systems to medical devices. Ensuring their safety, reliability, performance and portability is a critical requirement.  Lexington Soft offers ECLAIR, a cutting-edge software verification tool to help you meet stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements with confidence. 

Automated Static Analysis & Verification

ECLAIR is a powerful platform for the automatic analysis and verification of C and C++ programs. It can be used for coding rule validation, especially regarding compliance with MISRA and BARR-C coding standards, computation of software metrics defined by HIS, checking independence and freedom from interference among software components, as well as automatic detection of bugs and weaknesses that can lead to crashes, misbehaviors, and security vulnerabilities.

ECLAIR can be deployed on PCs as well as on remote CI systems to assist design, development, QA and safety teams. You can use it to find critical defects while coding on desktops, or use it on the server to analyze entire projects, providing a true picture of coding standard compliance.

ECLAIR is fully integrated with the compiler toolchain. The adaptation to the toolchain and the particular language dialect(s) used in the project, is fully automatic, eliminating error-prone configuration activities and saving time. Basic but reliable analysis of the code can start in minutes after installation.

ECLAIR is compatible with Docker and other virtual environments. Its integrated requirements management tool, advanced reporting facilities, easy-to-use GUI and highly accurate reports all contribute to making it a leader among software verification tools.

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Tool Qualification

ECLAIR is certified by TÜV SÜD and qualifiable for the main functional-safety standards up to the highest criticality levels:

  • ISO 26262 (automotive) up to ASIL D
  • IEC 61508 (industrial) up to SIL 4
  • EN 50128 (railway) up to SIL 4
  • EN 50657 (railway, rolling stock applications) up to SIL 4
  • IEC 62304 (medical) up to Class C
  • ISO 25119 (agriculture and forestry) up to SRL 3
  • ISO 19014 (earth-moving machinery) up to MPLr e

ECLAIR Qualification Kits contain all documents, test suites, procedures and automation facilities needed to qualify ECLAIR in compliance with functional safety standards such as RTCA DO-178-C/DO-330 (Aerospace), IEC 61508 (Industrial), ISO 26262(Automotive), IEC 62304 (Medical) and more.

Continuous Compiler Qualification

The latest CerTran extension to ECLAIR integrates seamlessly with Solid Sands’ SuperTest compiler test and validation suite to make effortless continuous compiler qualification possible, saving time and avoiding configuration errors.

Want to know if ECLAIR will meet your software verification needs? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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