With all the testing activities in your software development life cycle, you will need a test case management tool to help you check the status of your tests and link them to requirements and defects. Lexingsoft Soft provides an intuitive and easy to use tool called Zephyr to help you create and edit test cases and to notify teams about identified defects.

With Zephyr, you can easily create test using a fully customizable form. You can build manual test steps or call an automated test, specify which computer you want to run the automated test on, even execute it on a schedule.

You can easily run a series of tests, and choose which release and environment you wish to run the test on. You can mark each individual step or test as pass or fail, document the results and defects. Zephyr will populate the steps to reproduce newly found defects and automatically link it to the test. You can further link the defect to a requirement or release. This will establish clear traceability across the testing cycle. By linking items to each other, you’re creating relationships which will allow you to report on things such as requirements by defect, test coverage and defect status of each release.

Whether you’re practicing an agile or waterfall software development methodology, Zephyr easily adapts to all your QA processes. This helps you accelerate your software testing lifecycles, without the pain of changing the way you work.

Want to know if Zephyr will meet your test case management needs? Lexington Soft will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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