Reliable, real-time communication is of critical importance in modern automation and control systems. Lexington Soft’s embedded solutions partner, emotas embedded communication, offers a variety of software products for different communication protocols such as CAN, CANopen, J1939, ISO-TP and UDS. These products cover protocol stacks and tools for analyzing and configuration.  They are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and interoperability.  


CANopen (FD) Tool Chain and Stack 

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emotas CANopen tool chain and stack

Whether you are building embedded systems in the automotive, medical devices or industrial automation industry, you can benefit from the rich suite of CANopen products from emotas.  

From software libraries in the CANopen Master/Slave Stack that provides all communication services according to the CANopen communi­cation profile CiA301 V4.2 and master features according to CiA302-2, to the CANopen Network Designer tool that allows you to design a complete CANopen network including all devices and communication relationships, and generates the source code for all components automatically, or the CANopen DeviceExplorer that supports the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices, emotas CANopen products are indispensable for your development team in embedded systems. 

J1939 Products

Emotas has also developed a suite of products for J1939 devices,  including

  • J1939 DeviceDesigner – an easy-to-use time-saving tool that can generate PGN and SPN definitions based on predefined data bases with a few mouse clicks.
  • SAE J1939 Stack – this J1939 protocol stack speeds up the development of J1939 applications with an API that allows the easy analysis of received data, and a defined driver interface that can be easily adapted to different CPUs.
  • SAE J1939 FD Stack supports both classical J1939 and J1939 FD and you may choose the protocol both at compile-time or even at start-up at run-time.

UDS Products

For the diagnosis of ECUs in the automotive environment, emotas offers UDS Server/Client Stack Extension which implements UDS on CAN and is based on ISO-TP. The UDS server/client stack extension has been developed according to the MISRA-C:2004 coding rules. It can be combined with the J1939 stack, the CANopen stack, the RawCAN stack and the CAN multi protocol stack and is available for a variety of targets – from 8 bit microcontrollers, over the arbitrary ARM cores, up to various PC platforms.

Bootloader Products 

Many CANopen, CANopen (FD) and J1939 devices today need bootloaders to update firmware in the field. However, using a full stack for bootloaders is impractical due to large flash memory requirements. Emotas CANopen and CANopen (FD) bootloaders are specially designed with low memory requirements. The CANopen (FD) bootloader supports the necessary services (USDO, NMT slave, heartbeat producer) and objects, and requires only 32 KiB of flash memory. On the other hand, emotas J1939 Bootloader, which uses CAM11/CAM21, requires only 16 KiB of flash memory.  

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