Save development time and costs by deploying a comprehensive web testing tool built for the entire testing process, from manual and exploratory testing, debugging and test automation to automated screen shots, CI/CD and test reporting.  Lexington Soft offers CrossBrowserTesting, a web testing tool that will do exactly that. With CrossBrowserTesting, you can build quality web applications that will make every user experience perfect on any browser or web device.

Manual & Live Testing

Your web development team can easily perform manual and live testing on 2050+ desktop and mobile browsers as well as real mobile devices. With the click of a button, you can spin up a custom browser/OS combination. You can leverage native browser debugging tools and consoles like FireBug and Chrome Dev tools, and also record and track network logs for performance. CrossBrowserTesting’s secure tunnel technology enables you to debug behind your firewall or proxy.

Automated Testing

CrossBrowserTesting allows you to run Selenium or Appium tests in many popular programming languages. You can validate your code with Headless Browser Testing, easily trigger tests via the tool’s REST API, and build testing into your production process with shareable test result links. CrossBrowserTesting’s Record & Replay feature allows you to validate web interactions across browsers.

Visual Testing, Screenshot Testing and Regression Tests

In CrossBrowserTesting, your web developers can take full page screenshots, visually validate code changes and validate responsive layouts across different resolution breakpoints. With regression testing, you can compare screenshots, highlighting historical versions and differences in DOM elements.


CrossBrowserTesting integrates with Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, and other CI tools so running tests in your workflow is natural and easy. You can also share artifacts via Slack, HipChat, or email, and make tickets and bug reports with JIRA.

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