If you are looking for a solution that will give you the early warnings you need to resolve problems before your customers, users, or business partners are impacted, then SmartBear’s AlertSite website monitoring tool is for you. This tool will help you monitor your web apps, APIs, and websites both from within your private networks as well as externally to make sure you have an early warning system that you can trust. With over 350 global nodes as well as private network monitoring coverage, you will have a unified view of UI and API performance at all times. AlertSite integrates seamlessly with Ops and DevOps tool stacks, making it a one-stop website monitoring solution that you can rely on.

Many website monitoring tools produce too many false alerts, resulting in β€˜alert fatigue.’ AlertSite monitors your UI and API layer 24×7 for functionality, availability, and performance with clear metrics that helps you identify real problems and get to the root cause of any performance issues in no time.

With just a few clicks, you can add new API and web monitors intuitively, effortlessly, and codelessly. You can also reuse test cases to create new monitors. Your visibility into your application’s health has never been easier!

Say goodbye to false alerts and unnecessary erroneous data that wastes your time and clouds your visibility with AlertSite. Get in touch with Lexington Soft today! We will gladly provide a sales demo and proof of concept, conduct product evaluations and even offer you a free trial!

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