Application security is an essential part of information security that must not be overlooked. Businesses often have many desktop, web or mobile applications in their software inventory. Β Protecting them from malicious attacks is not a trivial task.

Lexington Soft can help. We offer a source code security analysis service that checks your application source code for vulnerabilities and security flaws that could pose a risk for your business. Using SAST tools that can scan millions of lines of source code across 22 different programming languages in applications that may be developed on different platforms using different development environments and frameworks, we can efficiently find out if your applications can be exploited by hackers to steal your data, deface your website or even attack your customers.

The vulnerabilities and weak points that our software security testing tools can identify include over 70 different vulnerability types (including OWASP Top 10, SANS 25 and CWE) :


  • SQL Injection
  • Command Injection
  • Code Injection
  • XPath Injection
  • LDAP Injection


  • File Manipulation
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • DOM Based Cross-Site Scripting
  • HTTP Header Injection
  • HTTP Response Splitting


  • Hardcoded Password/Credentials
  • Secret Key In Source
  • Heap Inspection
  • Error Messages Information Exposure
  • Log Forging

Lexington Soft’s security experts will then manually inspect the potential security vulnerabilities and remove any false positives.

Depending on the size and complexity of the source code, it can take up to 21 business days for us to give you a detailed security report that will contain

  • Detail about each discovered vulnerability
  • Recommendations for their remediation
  • Best practices for future development.
Source code protection

Lexington Soft observes strict confidentiality and take extreme care to protect our clients and their valuable data and intellectual property. Your source code is protected during the upload process and after the scanning process, it is erased using US DoD 5220.22-M process.

source code security analysis service

Securing your applications is an enormous task that your team may not have the time or expertise to handle in a timely manner. Let Lexington Soft do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today!