Ensuring Quality in Microservices Architecture with Support for gRPC Testing

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Lock in quality if you try gRPC Microservices architecture. Many organizations today recognize it enables faster and easier software changes over more traditional monoliths. Microservices have become the backbone for how organizations develop cloud-native applications – programs that run independently in containers designed for cloud computing architectures. Companies of every size are rethinking how they …

bloated microservice

Is today’s microservice more bloated than yesterday’s monolith?

Thursday, November 25, 2021

I am slightly hesitant to write this post, as it might attract some criticism. Nevertheless, I told myself there is nothing wrong with sharing my point of view (even though it might not be well accepted). I would like to share my personal experience regarding yesterday’s Monolithic and today’s Microservice architecture in this post. Yesterday’s …

software architecture

DevOps and Testing Software Architecture

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Forbes Magazine famously wrote that “Every Company is a Software Company.” Your company must become more responsive and agile using software and technology. And if the software doesn’t work or gives customers a bad experience, it can lead to lost revenue. This has led to the DevOps phenomenon, which is speeding up deployment of software …