Every day, we hear about websites getting hacked and businesses suffering big losses as a result. If you have web applications that are essential or even critical to your business, you will want assurance that they are protected from attacks by malicious actors. How do you find out whether your web applications are vulnerable to hacking and what can you do about it?

Lexington Soft can help. We offer a web application security testing service that will audit your web apps to discover over 70 types of security vulnerabilities including code injection, SQL injection and other types of injection, cross site scripting, path/directory traversal, code execution, data leak vulnerabilities and many others.

We use whitebox testing tools that can scan your application source code efficiently and remove these vulnerabilities. In addition, we will manually inspect the results of the automated analysis to identify each potential point of intrusion.

Depending on the size and complexity of your web application, we will assign two to ten web security experts to work on your website. Within 10 business days, our experts will produce a detailed report that contains

  • a detailed description of each discovered vulnerability
  • suggestions on how to mitigate each identified vulnerability.

Our experts will also provide help in fixing the more complicated vulnerabilities.

web application security testing process

While much of your software assets lie behind firewalls and other secure systems, your web applications are always exposed to hackers in the outside world, it is up to you to protect them and hence, your business, from malicious attacks. Contact us now to find out how Lexington Soft can help you safeguard your web applications.